Pre-baked templates of your favourite technology platform

LXCOS is built using Chef cookbooks and configures the base OS to spawn unprivileged containers based on pre built templates. You can create clones from pre-configured installations of PHP, RoR, Drupal etc., work on them easily, and destroy containers without any impact to the base OS.

Scalable, Compatible, Secure

LXCOS auto scales itself and creates multiple base nodes for running containers. This logic is pre-written in the core and you do not need to re-write it in your web application. You can use LXCOS on any third-party cloud platform, including Amazon’s EC2 service. You can also build your own solutions and private clouds using LXCOS. It uses unprivileged containers, which leaves the root filesystem untouched, thus maximizing security.

OpenSource Goodness

LXCOS is released under Apache 2.0 License, which means that you are free to download, use and contribute back to the project.